Our Vision

EITax demonstrates the expertise and organization of the “Big Four” firms, without the added expense and bureaucracy. Our professionals will manage your project while also being technically hands on. Our consultant’s extensive experience in Project and Risk Management, Audit and Tax Compliance and ERP system implementation maintains EITax’s high level of specialization in tax solution automation. We pride ourselves on building lasting client relationships through collaboration and customer satisfaction. Our motto of “Getting It Right” is more than just a catch phrase, it is a call to action for our consultants. Every day our team will work to exceed client expectations and continue EITax’s proven track record of success through our creative solutions. We take pride in every project we design and implement; for our client’s satisfaction is our success. We look forward to partnering with you.

EITax is committed to building a trusted, cutting-edge global Information Technology Consulting Firm.

EITax is dedicated to providing clients with intelligent software solutions while maintaining a corporate culture founded on the ideals of innovation, collaboration, professionalism and integrity. As a division of Intelligent Corporation, EIT supports the core values of its parent company. – Synergy, Innovation, and Performance

The EITax motto is “Getting It Right”. We chose this motto for its simplicity within the complicated and ever changing world of Information Technology and Tax automation. EIT will “Get It Right” every transaction, for every product line, in every state, in every industry. Our customers have the peace of mind in knowing simply EITax will “Get It Right”. We guarantee your satisfaction by following the Intelligent Corporation triad of core values.

SYNERGY: The cross-functional design of the modern corporation makes a synergistic approach to project management virtually mandatory. Departments can no longer function as independent entities without suffering losses in time and revenue. The EITax team prides itself on operating with a high degree of integrity, collaboration, technical aptitude, professionalism and time management. Through collaboration and effective partnering with EITax, your employees time remains focused on revenue driving activities, rather than project management.

INNOVATION: Technology is fluid and every changing. Our consultants are on the cutting edge of software selection, data warehousing, software implementation, application maintenance, compliance/ audit processes, as well as tax integration and automation software. EITax consultants optimize tax software and ERP systems to ensure accuracy and avoid large financial penalties stemming from misreporting and non-compliance.

PERFORMANCE: EITax is dedicated to providing a complete and reliable integration of your ERP system with tax software solutions. We recruit the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants to consistently provide our customers with the most advanced and effective business solutions. Many companies opt to patch the current issue without fully resolving the companies unmet business needs. Our goal is to develop a complete understanding of the client needs to resolve not only the current issues, but those potential future issues that only a true expert can extrapolate, plan for and implement against.